As a complement to thermal relaxation, we present a wide range of massages in our spa cabinets.

A qualified team of masseurs will take care of your body at the highest level.

We also offer the purchase of massages in the form of a gift voucher.

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Facial treatments


FLEUR DE JOUVENCE                         30 min 90 zł

Aloe Fleur de Jouvence this is one of the most perfect natural factors, moisturizing the skin, composed in perfect proportions with other gifts of nature: hyaluronic acid, hydrolysed elastin, collagen and plant extracts. Common, perfectly combined action of all these substances makes the skin regain its young and beautiful appearance.


Massage for hands and feet


hands                                                                  15 min 40 zł

feet                                                                      15 min 40 zł

paraffin hands                                                   30 min 40 zł

paraffin feet                                                       30 min 40 zł

SPA package hands                                          60 min 80 zł

SPA package feet                                              60 min 80 zł



RÓŻANY DOTYK                                   15 min 40 zł

Relaxing face, neck and cleavage massage made on a rich in vitamins and minerals rosewood oil that nourishes tired and sensitive skin, moisturizes it, refreshes and prevents wrinkles.



partial 25 min 60 zł

total 50 min 100 zł

It is an ideal way to physical and mental fatigue, heals sore and strained muscles, and is a real pleasure for the body and spirit.


SZAFLARSKIE ODPRĘŻENIE(total) 50 min 110 zł

Relaxing massage with warm sandal oil made with delicate, subtle techniques leading to a deep state of relaxation. The sensual aroma of sandalwood oil will affect relaxation of your body as well as your senses.


WRZĄCA LAWA                                 50 min 120 zł

Sensual massage using hot stones, allowing you to fully relax while warming body and senses.



partial 25 min 60 zł

total 50 min 110 zł

This is an effective way to fight cellulite in a very short time. Anti-cellulite massage using Chinese bubble, comprising breaking and fragmentation of the subcutaneous fat and firming of the skin.



partial 25 min 70 zł

total 50 min 120 zł

One of the oldest therapeutic methods. Thanks to appropriately selected techniques, you will get rid of pain, feelings of exhaustion and excessive tension will disappear.



partial 20 min 70 zł

total 40 min 120 zł

Sports massage to combat the effects of fatigue caused by physical exertion.

It helps to relax the muscles and prevents their subsequent damage.

PSZCZELI DAR(total)                       50 min 130 zł


Massage performed on natural honey. Perfectly cleanses, moisturizes, regenerates and firms the skin. The sensual aroma of honey will additionally soothe the nerves and will have a positive effect on the emotional state.




partial 25 min 70 zł

total 50 min 130 zł

Massage with hot chocolate is a very delicate and subtle relaxation ceremony. It improves skin tone, has a relaxing effect on the physical condition and frees from mental strain. Supports production of the happiness hormone.



partial 25 min 70 zł

total 50 min 130 zł

Candle massage is an exceptionally sensual ceremony performed with warm candle oil, consisting of 100% natural ingredients. The unique formula of the candle oil leaves the skin wonderfully moisturized, soft, silky smooth, delicate and subtly fragrant.



CZEKOLADOWY                                    30min 70 zł


A treatment exfoliating the old skin with firming and rejuvenating properties.


ARBUZOWY                                           30min 70 zł


A treatment exfoliating the old skin with slimming and moisturizing properties.


WINOGRONOWY                                   30min 70 zł


A treatment exfoliating the old skin with rejuvenating and regenerating properties.

Body treatments


Recommended especially to ladies

Treatments preceded by extremely aromatic peelings with different properties, application of a body mask, making a massage on a delicate and sensual butter. This will allow your body to intensive regeneration and renewal. It will give your senses a blissful state of relaxation.


DERSER CZEKOLADOWY                 90 min 160 zł


A treatment based on chocolate with slimming, firming and rejuvenating properties.


ARBUZOWE SOKI                              90 min 160 zł


A treatment based on watermelon with slimming, firming and moisturizing properties.


MŁODA PANI                                      90 min 160 zł


A treatment based on grape with rejuvenating properties.


DAJCIE BŁOTA                                   60 min 110 zł


Partial classical massage with making wraps from warm mud.


MUD WRAPS                                       30 min 50 zł

on the selected part of the body