The Gorący Potok Thermal Pools Complex features outdoor pools filled with thermal water of 34-40°C.
You have at your disposal a total of 22 pools, with 10 of them in the pool zone including:


1. Ślebodny bonior [Free pool]

2. Podkowa [Horseshoe]
3. Zawaternik przy smreku [Wooden log by spruce]
4. Siarcane Koloseum [Sulphur Colosseum]

5. Górsko Riviera [Mountain Riviera]
6. Wartki Potok [Rapid Stream]
7. Wodno bździągwa [Water-woman] (seasonal swimming pool)

8. Dziecięce źródełko [Children’s spring ](seasonal swimming pool)
9.Wodne Przedszkole [Water Kindergarten] (seasonal swimming pool)
10. Jacuzzi

The water in the pools is treated using UV lamps and another innovative method so that there are no additions of chemical substances and mixtures which could adversely affect the comfort of bathing. Moreover, to take care of your health, we operate regular and systematic monitoring of the water quality in our pools.