The Bistro in Gorący Potok offers an  atmosphere of a real bistro set in a natural decor. Moving away from the boredom and monotony we decided to create a place different from others, a place you want to visit!

We offer you a varied menu ranging from traditional Polish cuisine, through vegetarian dishes, dietetic dishes to premium dishes for those seeking something completely new.

The restaurant is dominated by a buffet bar offering a choice of dishes. The menu offers a wide range of snacks, breakfast and lunch dishes based on modern Polish cuisine, open to international trends and culinary novelties. Every day you have a choice of a variety of delicious dishes.

In addition to that, at the Gorący Potok Bistro you can order the best pizza and lamb and beef burgers.



Seasonal Bars

In the summer we open three outdoor bars called "Tapas", "Riviera" and “Grzybek” as well as a barbecue stand. In the "Riviera" bar located by “Wartki potok” [rapid stream] and "Riviera" pool we serve fast-food dishes such as delicious crispy open-face sandwich, lamb kebab and chips. On hot days you can enjoy delicious colorful drinks and classic beverages.
 "Riviera" pool together with the bar are the perfect place to organize events, which are held with us very often. You could privately use the whole pool, the bar and the top floor and tables. It is the perfect place for a private party.
"Grzybek" bar is a year-round bar, where you have the opportunity to taste delicious drinks, classic beverages, beer, and soon delicious desserts.
"Tapas" bar located in the Spa & Wellness zone offers delicious ice cream in various flavors, freshly squeezed fruit juices, fruit smoothies, waffles, grilled dishes and a wide range of freshly-made drinks and other beverages.